Dad slammed for being ‘selfish’ after ‘lockdown shop’ receipt sparks fury

The man, Jay, known as @jayandemalou on TikTok, attempted to make light of panic buying as he mocked his wife’s “lockdown shop” after the UK was put into its third coronavirus lockdown, reported.

In a video that has been viewed more than 2.3 million times on the platform, Jay can be seen panning down his Tesco food shopping receipt to the Star Wars opening credits music.

He captioned the short clip: “Most men in the UK will understand.

“When the wife says she needs a ‘lockdown shop’.”

But whilst the video was supposed to be a funny jab at people who stockpile, users had received mixed opinions, with many people accusing him of “panic buying when you don’t need to”.

“Lucky for those who can afford excessive shopping … Nice of them to be thoughtful and empty the shelves for those who can’t”, wrote one person.

Another said: “That’ll be all the wee pensioners going without now that the panic buying has commenced.”

“Selfish comes to mind glad we are thinking of others during the pandemic,” said a third.

A few people on the other hand critiqued what the family had bought.

One TikTok user joked: “Am I the only one struggling to find a meal in that shopping?”

Another said: “Glad you lot have the cupboard/ fridge/ freezer space for all that.”

And a third said: “I love how it’s GBP200 of junk food and a box of Rennie” along with laughing emojis, while a fourth asked: “How many beans do [you] need?”

Jay was quick to respond to a user who called him out, saying: “Show me the panic buying? That’s a family shop to last 4/5 days … we’re a big family stuck in the house … need plenty of snacks.”

He then went on to say that his family “use local fruit and veg shop instead of supermarket” to buy their fresh food.

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