English version of graphic novel ‘Arshia 2’ published

The second volume of the Iranian graphic novel ‘Arshia,’ written by Ashkan was published in English in London.

Markosia, a leading UK publisher of graphic novels and comic books, is the publisher of the book whose Persian version was on the market by Hoorakhsh Studio, an animation studio in Tehran producing the acclaimed movie, ‘The Last Fiction’.

The two-volume book is designed and illustrated by Rasoul Rezaei, according to IRNA.

According to powells.com, ‘Arshia 1’ is the story of a mysterious character born completely out of the writer’s imagination. Nevertheless, the relation of this character with the ‘Shahnameh’ (The Book of Kings) and ancient Iranian mythology is quite notable as Arshia, along with the main characters, is one of the most influential and important characters in the graphic novel series, ‘Jamshid,’ and the animated movie, ‘The Last Fiction’, both of which are adaptations of stories from the ‘Shahnameh’.

The young protagonist begins his life during the rule of Tahmures, father of Jamshid, and his life comes to a close during the reign of Afaridun, with the defeat of Zahak. Throughout this collection of graphic novels, the mystery around Arshia’s long life is uncovered, and the number of secrets that have turned him into a mysterious character are revealed.

‘Arshia’ graphic books are appropriate for all age groups, Hoorakhsh announced in 2019, when the Persian version of the book was published.

Markosia has earlier published Rahgozar’s graphic novel series, ‘Jamshid,’ which includes four books.

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