Health minister warns of people’s non-compliance with protocols in ceremonies

Iran’s Health Minister Saeid Namaki said that people’s non-compliance with health protocols during ceremonies would destroy the country’s achievements in containing the spread of the coronavirus.

Namaki emphasized on the continuation of the observance of protocols in all ceremonies and occasions, warning that the people’s non-compliance with the regulations would take the country back to the pandemic’s dangerous conditions, according to IRNA.

Iran has imposed tough restrictions across the country since November to stem the spread of the virus. The restrictions have led to a significant decline in the number of new cases and fatalities.

Iran’s Health Ministry reported 83 deaths from the coronavirus from Sunday to Monday, bringing the total death toll to 56,886.

The ministry’s spokeswoman Sima Sadat Lari said that 5,806 people tested positive for the virus during the same period, putting the total number of cases at 1,336,217.

She also put the number of people who were admitted to hospitals across the country at 586.

The ministry’s spokeswoman said that at least 1,125,499 patients have recovered from the coronavirus infection so far, or have been discharged from hospitals.

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