Pakistan PM: Pompeo aims to appease Zionists by making anti-Iran accusations

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has said the objective behind levelling accusations against Iran by the US secretary of state is to satisfy the Zionist regime of Israel.

Speaking in a recent interview with Pakistani Bol News, Imran Khan stressed that Mike Pompeo’s accusations against Iran and its alleged affiliation with the Al-Qaeda terrorist group are never credible and the world won’t believe those false allegations, IRNA reported on Saturday.

Pompeo, now the lame-duck US Secretary of State, in one of his last minute moves, recently claimed, without any evidence, that Iran has become “new home base” for the al-Qaeda terrorist group. Iranian officials have blasted the US groundless accusations as a means of its trying to obscure its own role in creation and continued existence of such groups.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif responded to the baseless allegations of his America counterpart in a tweeted post by saying, “No one will be deceived. All the terrorists involved in 9/11 event were from favorite countries of Mike Pompeo in the Middle East, and none from Iran.”

The Pakistani prime minister further asserted that another objective behind Pompeo’s groundless accusations against Iran is that he is preparing himself for “the 2024 elections and seeks the support of the Zionist lobby.”

He said Israel is the only regime in the region that seeks to weaken Iran.

“No country like Iran has stood on its own two feet and that is why the United States is trying to create unrest in Iran after Syria and Iraq,” Imran khan noted.

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